Cancer diagnostics

Early cancer diagnosis saves life and reduces treatment costs

13% in developed

Epidemiological data show that in developed countries, cancer deaths account for 13% of the 22 million deaths per year.

20% in developing

In developing countries, cancer mortality is 20%.

Growing problem

Over the past 10 years, the incidence of cancer has increased by 33%.

The urgency of the problem of cancer

Cancer is one of the most pressing problems of modern medicine. In the early stages, malignant diseases are often asymptomatic; therefore, only a small number of patients can diagnose them on the basis of clinical signs.

In the past, only in developed countries was cancer a major cause of death. However, in recent decades, cancer has rapidly become the leading cause of death in developing countries due to the decline in infectious and malnutrition-related diseases.


Semidal is a modern company that has technology that helps to detect cancer in the early stages, and also allows you to accompany treatment to determine its effectiveness and efficiency.

The test we provide is a recommendation for action and is not a definitive diagnosis. The purpose of testing is to prevent erroneous diagnostics by other methods and to give recommendations at an early stage when other methods do not yet identify cancer pathology.

Diagnostic process

Capillary and venous blood is used as a biomaterial (without the use of invasive methods, which in themselves can harm the patient). The blood sampling procedure is common and familiar to anyone who has visited the laboratory at least once. We use the medical complex developed by us in solving the problem of early diagnosis of cancer, we use the technology of computer vision in combination with artificial intelligence. For several years, blood samples have been studied based on an innovative approach to methodology and technology.
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The result of the research is the patented technology for determining the onco-status of a person and the Semidal medical complex with AI for diagnostic laboratories.

We use modern professional equipment attracting the best specialists

When is it worth making a diagnosis?

– If you have doubts about your health, but there are no symptoms,

– You feel quick fatigue,

– Weight loss,

– Decreased appetite,

– Painful sensations,

– Skin discoloration.

  Also, if you have any doubts about your health or one of the symptoms, we recommend that you take a quick test with our method.